What History Are You Making?

Today I came across a painting I did a few years back. Another of Life's Simple Joys. It is a sunset showing a section of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion in Greece built many years back. The temple was built not tens of years nor hundreds, but thousands of years back. Simply put, it was built Before Christ. Sections of it still remain standing today through many generations and will still remain for many to come.
A painting by Anthony Samuel Muiruri - Oil on Canvas

This got me thinking. What I do today, I am bound to meet it some years ahead. It better be a good picture. In addition, what I do today can stand to be seen and touched by many generations to come. It better be a firm structure. So help me God.
Likewise unto you. As the thoughts you think transform into words revealing a vision that turns into substance, let the process leave imprints that future generations will thank God for in appreciation of you walking on this planet. We can't turn back time to change anything either good or bad. What we can do is highlight the good as we avoid any evil in the progression of days. Ask God to help you.

Whatever single thing you choose to do, you are making a history. The question is ........... What kind of history are you making?
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Life's Simple Joys

Today am happy for a very simple reason.

Interestingly, when you closely look at life, the greatest joys come from simple things.

For example this weekend when I met with a friend who amidst a hearty laugh asked me this question; "Are you still Smiling at your empty space?" To which I answered "Yes and I hope you too." That event left  me with great joy in the knowledge that the happiness ripple reaches far. It is an important discovery as it encourages one to keep spreading joy even where gloomy faces would naturally exist for several reasons.

It is simple things just like that which, when added together make life a great joy. I know you may have experienced some simple things in your life that may have left a lasting gladness in you. Things like,
"It's a boy"
"You passed the test"
"She said yes"
"Yes I do"
"Not guilty"
"We'll take you"
"The tests show nothing serious"
"I repent"

Take a minute and reflect on a simple event here above or any other that made you glad for months or even years on end. It feels good. Doesn't it?

My simple joy today.
If you have any kind of machine, you know that once in a while they would develop issues. That's what has been happening to my motorbike for quite some time until now. The gear lever being changed every few months. As far as am concerned, this problem shouldn't be. I have repeatedly suggested to my mechanic of how we can reshape the joint of the lever to prevent it from being changed often. The mechanic has suggested that my idea is an impossibility, however my technical mind tells me that it is more than possible. I don't know about you but personally, from the many experiences I have had in the few decades I have walked on this planet, I have a big challenge differentiating between ignorance and cunningness.
This time around, I had had enough of whatever it is. I decided to do it myself. To cut the long story short, it took me two days and a sleepless night of hard work to transform my thoughts to a functional reality. Finally I could smile at my filled space. A gear lever that may never need to be changed in the lifetime of the machine. That's my today's simple joy.

In closing
#1. Other people's impossibilities do not necessarily have to be your own. Especially if you believe in a God who creates tangible things from nothing.
#2. Isn't it wonderful when you see or feel a result of your hard labour?

Believe in what can be and take action to make it happen as you continue to experience life's simple joys day by day.

Your Day is Blessed

As you wake up today, take a deep breath and say thank you to your maker and keeper. There are many who would have liked to see this day but didn't. Not that you are any better from either of them. It is only through the Grace of God that you live.

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